“I immediately felt a closeness to the staff and friendships with my neighbors. They made me feel very welcome and part of the community.”
Marcia K.

“Making the decision to move to St. Catherine was the best decision of my life! There are so many things to do here – I’m happy and spoiled!”
Jackie S.

“I found everything I wanted and more here. I have my own garden right outside my window and I can share my flowers and vegetables! I am so glad to call this place home.”
Dolores E.

“We moved to St. Catherine because of the warm and inviting feeling we got when we toured. The community is very bright and uplifting. The staff is hand-picked by God, and they are always trying to think of new ideas to make us happy! We have made many new friends, and I am so grateful that we have a chapel to worship in.”
Evelyn W.

“Two of the best decisions of my life were retiring and moving into St. Catherine Retirement Community. Living here means peace of mind, contentment, happiness, and joy! I chose to live here because I wanted to belong. I wanted to be around people and not feel lonely. I wanted to share my gifts and talents. While I am the youngest one here, I am seeing the blessings of growing older. I witness the joy of living the golden years! Living at St. Catherine means that I don’t have to plan my meals, or worry about getting to the doctor and the grocery store. I really enjoy the outings we take as well. Your days are YOURS! I am able to choose which activities, games and projects to participate in, and I get to help the community members as well. I am doing my heart’s desire, to live life to the fullest. The Chapel is a very special place because God is important to me. Here we share Sunday services, Mass and Rosary. We also have a Wednesday night prayer service that was formed by the residents. You can spend time reflecting on all your blessings! Living here at St. Catherine is the joy of my life!”
Ginny R.